Poony Finds Twee, Part Two

Poony Finds Twee, Part Two

Twee stepped out the side barn door, closed it, and paused letting her sensitive yellow eyes adjust. Elves with yellow eyes could see the night like cats. She heard the fighting before she saw it, but in a few seconds the fighting came into view behind the house. Two humans lay on the ground.

Poony faced four humans circling him. This could not stand!

She looked behind Poony. The Elven girls who were so brave earlier cowered in the shrubs beside the house. She lowered her head and trotted toward Poony and the fight. As she trotted, she looked at the electric stick in her hand. It was a cattle prod, but she didn’t know cattle and did not know what it was, and had no clue of the proper use of it. She held it to her face and blew on the end.

Why she blew on it, she had no idea. Instinct took over. As she blew, electricity sparked between the two posts, but as she blew harder, the electricity jumped from the posts and flew forward!

Poony leaped high and it gave Twee the distraction she needed. She put the electric stick to her mouth and aimed her new-found weapon at the first human she met. She took a deep breath and blew hard. A lightning bolt of electricity leaped from the prod, flashing the night sky bright, and jolted the man stiff. His eyed widened and his fists clenched. He jerked and jerked while she blew lightning all over him.

She put her arms over her eyes. It blinded her for a few seconds and left a metallic smell in the air. Poony landed behind another human and rammed his hunting knife an inch below the man’s ribs where his liver would be. It was a killing blow. Poony squinted, blinking, from the bright flash of electricity.

Another automobile, red with four doors, flew into the driveway, skidding sideways sending a tan dust cloud across the grass. Doors opened and slammed, men cursed the Elves, getting out with cattle prods.

When the man fell, Poony ran to Twee’s side crouching, keeping himself between her and the new human men arriving. “Are you okay? What did you do?”

She looked down at the stick in her hand with amazement. A movement caught her eye and she crouched. “Behind you,” she said.

Before Poony could turn, a human had the smaller Poony around the throat with a garrote made of a leather strip. Poony clawed at the strip of leather choking him, and he kicked his feet. Twee circled behind the man to get a clear shot with her electric stick when she heard someone shout her name.

“Twee, sweetie!” It was Bobby!

She spun and something smacked her hard across the mouth. Time slowed. Her blond hair and her arms flew straight out. Her back arched and her head snapped backwards. The force of the blow flipped her and she landed on her face in the grass. Bobby walked to her limp body with a baseball bat in his hand. He bent and picked up the cattle prod.

Poony kicked and jerked to free himself but he knew if he didn’t breathe soon, he would lose consciousness. He flipped himself up from his waist and wrapped his legs around his attacker’s head and pulled as hard as he could. Poony had strong legs. As the world around him turned black, he heard the man’s neck snap, his grip loosened, and he had air!

“DUCK POONY!” one of the girls screamed. He fell off the man to the ground, and the baseball bat struck the dead man’s head with a sickening smack as he fell.

The new men started chasing after the freed Elven girls. They screamed and ran through the barn.

“Never mind the girls!” Bobby shouted. “Help me get this one down and the rest will be easy! Get over here now!”

Poony eyed the distance between him, Bobby, and Twee. It was hard to look at her. He danced to his left away from her to draw the fight away. The four men ran over and to Bobby. There were five men facing Poony.

“Help her!” he yelled over his shoulder at the girls pointing at Twee. First one, and another ran to Twee’s side. The six girls lifted Twee and rushed her to the barn. Blood covered her face and neck.

He crouched and faced Bobby and the others.

“I’ve seen you, elf,” Bobby said and lunged, swinging at his head. He dodged. “Twee’s told me about you. Circle him!” The men spread out around him. He pivoted, swiveled his head to watch them. Bobby swung the bat at him while he glanced away, and he lunged backwards, arms wide.

“Get him!” Bobby said.

The men all darted, imploded on Poony grabbing for him wherever they could get a grip. One man got his left arm, another his shirt. They got another arm while he struggled. One man snatched Poony’s knife away and another man got him in an arm lock around his head and throat. Bobby laughed.

“Twee told me things about you, said you were a pain in her ass, like a boil, a sore on her ass.”

He saw a memory flash of her tuning her back on him at the school bus. “It doesn’t matter,” he said. Out of the corner of his eye he saw two Elven girls standing at the barn’s side door. One held a collar in her hand. He ginned at them and gave them a finger sign to wait. He grimaced at Bobby, both from pain and anger. He growled, “This all ends tonight.”

“I don’t think you are in any position to dictate how things will end… Poony, is it?” Bobby’s grinning, boyish, face and curly hair was hideous in the scant yellow light from the barn door. He looked ghoulish, evil.

He struggled against the men’s grip but the held fast. Bobby leaned close. “Oh, it ends tonight, alright.”

Poony closed his eyes and opened his palm, a palm held fast at the wrist by a big black man. He concentrated. He knew how this worked and what he had to do. He had to work himself up. She was inside the barn, hurt and bleeding, his love. He may be a boil on her ass, but he was her boil on her ass, and there was no other place he would like the boil to be! With his eyes still shut tight, he screamed.


He felt free. With his eyes shut tight he held up the palm of his hand, standing alone. He spun around and as he shouted again.


“Poony!” One of the girls shouted. He opened his eyes. “Poony! If you don’t stop you’re going to bring the barn down!” He looked at the barn door and dust plumes rolled form it.

The girls ran out to the scene, five of them. One girl, the one from Meer, stopped beside him and rubbed his back. “It’s over, love. Calm yourself.” She panted. “We saw what you did here. We will bear witness to this, whatever this is.”

Around him, the bodies of the men lay about, prone in a formation like a wagon wheel.

“No, you can’t speak of it, not yet,” Poony said as he walked to Booby. He knelt and listened to his breathing. “He’s alive. Bring me one of those collars.”

Poony snapped the collar around Bobby’s neck. Bobby moaned and Poony pulled him up to a sitting position. The girls checked the rest of the men.

“They’re dead.”

He grimaced, frowned. “I didn’t mean to kill. Did I?”

“You did what you had to do.”

“Put the rest of the collars on the ground around these men. When the human authorities arrive, they will see what they were doing. We will alert the Craf’ter’fech.”

“The Craf’ter’fech will not arrest you, Poony. We’ll see to it.”

“How is Twee?”

“She is awake, but she is maimed. We’ve packed the wound with clean cloth, but she needs healing. Nickie’s with her.”

“Are there any humans still in the house?” He asked.

The girls talked for a moment among themselves. “You’ve killed them all, Poony.” She smiled to try to make him feel better.

“Let’s get the truck out of the barn.”

Later, after he checked on Twee and had everyone situated, he backed the big truck out of the barn doors. He laid hands on the controls and they responded to his desire. Twee sat next to him with one of the girls next to her holding her chin up and keeping pressure on her injured mouth. He turned the truck around and turned onto the dusty road and to the highway. Nickie followed on her scooter. The rest of the girls rode in the back of the truck, along with a new passenger – Bobby on a leash.

Back at Wirishiem, the guards at the gate called the Craf’ter’fech. When they arrived, Bobby confessed under the influence of the collar, and the Craf’ter’fech, the Elven Army, took him into custody. They also commandeered the truck. They did not arrest Poony.

Nickie was skeptical of Deench and argued to take Twee to El’ha’ven, but two of the six girls lived in Meer and knew Deench and vouched for his ability. Deench’s home was much closer than the medical facility in El’ha’ven and Deench was a healer. Poony and the girls hoisted Twee to the canopy, hand over hand, and they rushed her to his home in Meer, deep in the Verusila Forest, the forest above the forest.

It was after midnight when they rousted Deench out in his nightshirt and holding his Elven lantern powered from the sky. They laid Twee on a soft single bed and Deench tended her wounded mouth and lips, numbing her face with needles and with delicate fingers, sewing split gums and lips. He packed tiny, rolled herb packets in the wounds and wrapped her jaw and mouth with a sling around the top of her head to stabilize it, biting down on the herbs for a full day, he told Poony. Poony nodded and knelt beside her.

Poony woke with his face on her blanket and her hand in his hair, running her fingers through it. He raised his head and looked at her narrow, drowsy, yellow eyes. She smiled as best she could. He moved closer to her face. She tried to talk, but the sling was tight.

“Don’t try to talk,” Poony said. “You have medicine in your mouth and it must remain…”

She jabbed the top of his hand with her finger and pointed at her mouth, insisting.

“You want me to loosen the sling?”

Her eyes widened and she nodded. Poony untied it at the top and it came loose. As soon as she could speak she put her hand on his face and pulled him close. “I wuv ooo!” A tear rolled down her cheek and soaked into the cloth.

“You… you…love me?”

She nodded her head fast, tears rolled out of her eyes. He moved as slow as he could and put his lips on hers, almost not touching in fear of hurting. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him as hard as her pain could allow. His eyes went wide, but he relaxed and went with it.

He backed away for a moment. “Oh Twee! You know I love you, too!” She nodded again. He scooped her and held her, and she held him. He swore to himself he would never let her go.


Bon Dea!




It was dusk, a big orange sun set below the canopy. “Poony, did you build thisth?” Twee asked. Her mouth was still a little sore. She developed a lisp since the battle at the barn where she received her injury a few weeks ago. Deench sewed her damaged lips and gums as good as any dental surgeon, but had to remove some damaged gum tissue, and there was scarring.

She recovered at her family’s farm where they were reluctant, but let Poony come visit at her insistence. It took them a while to wrap their heads, and their hearts, around Poony and her together. Today was the first time her father let her go away with him. She was fourteen and reached the age of majority among Elves this year and didn’t need his permission, but she would not set foot out of their house without it.

They stood in Meer, the village in the Verusila forest, on top the forest. They were at the walkway leading to a house facing the road. The house was not in the town proper, but near it on the road leading into the town.

Poony touched her shoulder. “Yes, Twee. I built it a year ago. It took some time and patience to gather the materials. I didn’t want to start the project unless I could finish it.” They stood at the mailbox. It read simply, Poony. “I gathered pieces here and there and put it all together.”

“Poony, did you sthteal the thingsth you gathered?”

He held her face with his hands, cupped soft, like he would hold a hummingbird. “No, you sweet, sweet girl. I did not steal them. I bought them. I’m the village carpenter. I work for my money. I built this house, and Deench’s house, and a couple more houses in the village.

They turned back to the house. Twee giggled with amazement.

“Let’s go inside,” Poony said. The house was a one-story sprawling thing, low built with boat-shaped gables, and arched, stained glass windows. It wasn’t huge, but plenty big for them. It had three bedrooms, a great room and a big kitchen. He gave her the tour.

“Poony, it’th lovely.” Twee said with a sigh. “You amaze me.”

He thought about how far they’d come from her telling him to go away and leave her alone. He looked out the great room window at the gathering night. “I have something else to show you,” he said, “come.” He took her hand.

They walked out the back, out the laundry and storage room, out the back door, and off the back porch. Twee saw his carpentry shop for the first time, a real carpentry shop, and a tear of pride filled her eye. People had been so wrong about Poony. They walked across the lawn, and down a path through part of the forest and to a clearing. It was a large green meadow. The meadow was luscious green and fragrant in the night air, filled with wildflowers. Poony led her over a small rise and revealed a pond.

“Poony, it’sth a lake, up here on top the forestht!”

He showed her the little wooden sign. It read, “Twee’s Pond.”

“Thisth is my pond?”

He nodded. “I own this land and I built this pond for you. There was a depression here. A hard rain would leave it halfway full, but it would seep out. It was swampy and stinky and one reason the land was cheap.”

Twee whispered. “Oh Poony, you made such a wonderful place for us, the house, the pond,” she said and cried.

“You and I standing here like this was my dream.”

He held her tight and let her cry. He kissed her temple and whispered.

“I had to bring in black sticky clay from the river bank to pack underneath the depression to waterproof it and I had to work fast during a dry spell. I was successful and it dried firm but flexible around all the dirt and foliage underneath. I lined the inside bowl of the depression with small river gravel so you and our kids could stand without losing footing. I put in small pipes through the bank so water would not top over.”

She sniffled. “The water isth clear and pure. How deep ith it?”

“Four feet at the deepest point, perfect for Elves to swim.”

If the truth be known, Poony had made a couple more signs for the pond in his shop. One of them read, “Poony’s Tears,” in case Twee had refused him.

He turned her toward him by her shoulder and he kissed her. She smiled and showed her three missing teeth in front. He smiled and showed his crooked teeth and they laughed. “Now, there’s something else I want to show you,” he said.

“There’sth more?” As he turned, she rested her head on his shoulder.

He pointed to the sky. “I want you to look at the sunset.”

“But it’sth night, the sthun has sthet.”

“The sky is a deep purple, not black. Night is almost upon us. This is twilight, and there is an event that ends twilight. The ancients had a name for it. They called it, ‘sas’fin’ala’lun.’ It means ‘the wink that ends twilight.’ Ancients passed down a tale saying sas’fin’ala’lun was the moment when magic resets all over the world. If you gaze with your yellow eyes, you can see it, normal eyes cannot. It is a faint pop of light. Watch to the west, it will be any moment now.”

Twee watched the night sky in wonder, and Poony watched Twee. Up here, the night sky touched the horizon all around them. Her silhouette against the night sky was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Her blond hair curved around her eyebrows and her small up-turned nose pointed to the stars.

Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped. She pointed.

“Did you sthee it, Poony? It was like the sthky blushthed and now it went black. Night isth here. Poony, that wasth wonderful!” She giggled. He nodded. He pulled her close to him.

“Hold your arms up,” he said. He pulled her shirt up and off, her yellow hair spilled in her face. She cupped her small breasts.

She lost her breath. “Poony! Aren’t you the bold one! I’ve never done thisth!” He pulled off his shirt. He pushed her long blond hair back and kissed her neck. He pushed her pants down off her butt. She watched as he did.

Twee did the most curious thing. She blew a long breath at her hips and her pants fell away, off her. She held to his shoulders, turned, and blew her breath at Poony’s pants and they fell away. She nudged his chin with her nose and they kissed.

She pressed her chest to him, wrapped her arms around his neck, and they kissed a long, exploring kiss. She backed away and gazed into his glowing yellow eyes. “Oh, Poony,” she said, “you’ve brought out magic in me, magic I never dreamed possible.” She kissed him again harder and pulled him tighter to her.

He gripped her rear with both hands. She jumped into his arms and wrapped her legs around his waist. In between kisses on his neck and deep breaths, she said with certainty, “I mate you, Poony!”

They kissed and spun around. He stopped and eased her on her back. Those words, once spoken by a woman to a man, tied the bonds of matrimony in Elven society. They were now man and wife, free to start a family.

The end.



But wait!

Later, they lay relaxed on their backs in the cool night air by the pond, Twee turned to Poony. “I think ssthee’th still alive, Poony.”

“She who?” Poony yawned.

“Maki, of coursthe. I mean, how could anybody kill a Goddessth, and what happened to her offsthpring? I don’t ssthee any winged, flying Elvesth around.”

“She did guide all the Elves through twenty millennia, asleep inside the stones.”

“All the Elvesth are desthcendentsth of thosthe eight Elvesth. I would love to go find my lineage.”

Poony turned up on his elbow and looked at his wife. “You do know all eight of them were female.”

“Yesth. I learned it in histhtory classth. How did they get pregnant, Poony?”

He loved the way she respected him and asked him about things.

“The question is not how they got pregnant, but how the several generations following them got pregnant. They were female also. Were they told how or was it instinctual? There were no male Elves until Elves mated with humans. How the females copulated and reproduced is the world’s closest kept secret. From what I hear, somewhere in the University of Wirishiem, the Grand Council has a recorded, detailed accounting of the process. But, it is in a vault, locked, and it is said it is pornographic to the extreme.”

“That’sth how we Elvesth lostht our magic, Poony. We sthtopped mating in the old way.”

“How do you know?”

“I can feel it.” Twee grinned sideways at Poony and raised an eyebrow.

“You can feel…” Poony scrambled to his knees. “You can feel it!”

Twee smiled big showing her gums, her missing teeth. “You popped me, Poony. I’m caught! In four moonsth we’ll have a baby!” Poony lifted her and held her close. Twee laughed. Elven women, unlike humans, can feel the instant of conception. It tingles their womb.

“Now I can sthing the sthong my mother sthang, ‘four poundsth in four moonsth’.”

“I’ll go to the market tomorrow and get your honey and dried meat.”

“And all of Meer will know. The town’sth women will sthpread the newsth like wildfire.” Twee smiled.

Poony put his hand on her tummy. “We’ll fatten up this babe, like the song. And we’ll walk among them proud.”

They sat in silence for a long moment.

“There’sth another reasthon I want to go,” she said. She sat up and touched his cheek. “You and I have magic.”

“I don’t know how or why,” Poony said shaking his head.

“Exactly! Why usth? I want to go to Wiristhhiem Cthity and try to find out.”

“I have contract negations in a week on the new lift for the Meer market. They want a lift for small cargo trucks from the surface and I can build it. It will be a boon for us if I get it. Wait until I show you my lift model!”

“And I have a baby to pop out.”

Pony was excited. “We’ll pop out this baby, I’ll complete the contract, and once we can travel, we’ll go. I swear.”

“And Deench sthaid he could make me sthome teeth!”

“And after Deench makes your teeth!”

“I love you, Poony.”

“I’ve waited a long time to hear you say that.”

They kissed.


Bon Dea, again! (For now?)

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