My New Novel Coming Soon

The Strange Case of Tommy Dean

An Adult, Urban Fantasy

Coming soon, exclusively here, you can read the first three chapters of my new novel.

Here is a short introduction of Tommy Dean.

The Strange Case of Tommy Dean, is an urban fantasy tale of a young man who discovers that he has a magical ability to reach into other’s minds. It is about him and his lover’s possession by ancient ghosts. They suffer confusion over the intermingling of their memories with the ghost’s French past. The spirits tire them through many episodes of poltergeist, which they fight with Tommy’s magic and with the help of a coven of witches. On top of that, they become caught in a wide-spread, life-changing, and physical altering Great Pulling that has them moving uncontrollably toward an entirely new existence, one that is not human. Arching over this, Tommy Dean becomes the biggest pop sensation since Elvis Presley.

His great struggle is to save the life of his wife, Genvieve, who becomes possessed by the spirit of an ancient and malevolent French witch. Their family and friends share their struggles and many are victims of the Great Pulling as well.

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