Full Disclosure, p.68

“The fire took that Tom Cruise poster,’ he said shaking his head, “It was gone, it was…ash.”

We all laughed. I looked at Janice’s teary eyes, and at Greg, and I could not believe how lucky of a girl I was to have so much love in my life. Janice was so right. That little boy that the Child Services lady was looking for was dead in that burned up house back there. He was dead and gone for good.

I have come to realize something else, as time has gone by and I settled in at Greg and Janice’s house. Given my sex at birth, my confusion about my sexual orientation at the onset of puberty, and now this gorgeous woman that I am in adulthood, I would have thought that boys and men would have been the driving influence of my life. Ever since that confrontation with the pedophile Andrew and my realization of my sexual orientation so long ago, men should have had the biggest impact on me. That has not been the case.

If I am to tell it all, to tell everything in my heart, then the people who have influenced me the most are the women I have come to love. It was Mother, then Mama, and now Janice. It was all these strong women that raised me, that made me the woman I am now. They are my story.

The end.

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