Full Disclosure, p.66

I took a deep breath and talked fast. “No, Janice, I’m a girl. I was born with shriveled testicles and what’s called a micropenis. But I have female reproductive organs, too. I have a very large and healthy ovary, a partial uterus, a deformed vaginal canal, and a teeny-tiny vaginal opening that you can see if you part the center-line of my shriveled scrotum,” I said in one breath then let out the rest.

“You’re a…”

“Girl with fucked-up plumbing,” Billy said.

“Hermophra…,” Janice started to say but Billy put his finger on her lips.

“Ronni hates that word,” he said pleadingly. She nodded. She stepped to me and hugged me.

“Don’t,” I whispered. “I’ve shed enough tears over this for both of us.” We broke off suddenly and she stood straight up and tilted her head to the side like she just realized something.

“What’s she doing?” I asked softly.

“I think her head’s exploding,” Billy said.

She looked at him, “And YOU!” she said. “You’re good with all that shit?” she asked waving her hand around my crotch.

That’s very intimate and personal,” I said looking down at her hand. I climbed back in bed.

Billy looked pained, like he had to pee. “Can we talk about that later? Right now, we need to figure out the Child Services thing.”

Janice shook her finger at him and grinned sideways. The nurse came back with a tray of things and set it on the roll around food tray. She checked the fluid drip bag that the EMT boys put in my arm the told me I had to suck into a tube-shaped thing to see how much my lungs could hold. I did that and coughed and coughed. I think I coughed out some smoke, but she said it was just vapor.

Greg poked his head in and said the Child Services woman was just outside and wanted to come in to talk to me.

Janice’s voice dropped to a loud whisper. “Stall her!” Janice said.

“What?” Greg said.

“Shit, take her out and get coffee or something. Flirt with her, fuck her, I don’t care what you do, just keep her busy for a half hour!”

The nurse dropped her pan on the floor. Greg laughed and shook his head, “Woman, you just won’t do!” He turned and left. The nurse picked her stuff up and left. Janice got her purse and plopped it on the bed beside me then went to the head of the bed.

“Let’s raise this up,” she said. Billy helped her tilt the back of the bed up. She got out her lipstick. “Go like this,” she said a pooched out her lips. Janice did my face. She did my eyes next with thin eyeliner and just a touch of shadow. Then she did my eyelashes with that little lengthening brush. She put a light bit of base makeup to hide my freckles over my nose and cheeks and blended it in, then she plucked my eyebrows some. She brushed out my hair and put it up in a high pony tail with a long strand hanging down in front of each ear. I used her little compact mirror to look at myself and I nodded.

“I love it! I could pass for eighteen!”

“Oooo, you look nice!” Billy said. I smiled and winked. He smiled then kissed me lightly so not to smudge.

“Here’s what I’m thinking,” Billy said.

We talked it over, the Billy went and got Greg and we quickly explained to him what we were doing. When we finished, he went and talked to the Child Services lady. He told her that there

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