Full Disclosure, p.65

“Help me, Billy.” I raised up and took off my gown baring my chest. He saw my wounds on my boobs. Then I raised my hips off the bed and started to pull down my panties. “Doctor to patient confidentiality!” I reminded him.

“Of course,” he said. I pulled them down. He looked at my tiny boy parts and he nodded. He showed no shock whatsoever. “I’ve seen this before,” he said and looked at my face. “I’ll bet you have an ovary somewhere.” He smiled and arched up his eyebrows. He had a kind face and I relaxed.

I told him who my pediatrician was and he said he would call him. He also said that he needed one nurse to tend to me and he would personally break both her legs if she spoke a word of this to anyone else. I laughed. He talked to me while he examined me. He made me open my mouth wide and tilt my head back, he looked down my throat with a light for the longest time. He said that he was looking for soot.

He asked if I had seen any specialists, such as an endocrinologist. He explained what that was, then asked me if I had considered surgery. I said no to both I told him I was happy the way I was. He looked at Billy and asked if he was my male friend. Billy said that he was. The doctor shrugged and left, like whatever floats your boat. The young nurse came, not the old bitch, and got a clean gown on me. She got me a blanket and pillow and said that the doctor would be in in a minute to stitch up my cuts. They had a lung test thing they wanted me to do and that I had to breathe some stuff. She looked down my throat with a hand held light just like the doctor did. She said she was an RN and that old nurse was not.

“I like that doctor,” I said to Billy after she left.

“He’s cool with everything Ronni. I like him for that,” Billy said. Janice peeked her head through the curtains.

“They said it was alright if I came back to see you if it was alright with you,” she said. I waved for her to come on in. She came over and gave me a hug. “Child Services are out there crawling all over the place like roaches,” she said. I laughed.

“What did you tell them?”

“You belong with us. You are ours. They said that they had to place you per their registered foster care, blah, blah, blah.”

“Ronni? You may not like this, but I have an idea. Mom, you need to know something about Ronni that very few people know.”

“You never told her?” I asked raising up on my left hand. Billy looked at me and shrugged.

“I never told anyone, Ronni.”

“I’m so sorry I ever doubted you,” I said.

“Told me what?” Janice asked impatiently, frowning.

Billy squared up with her. “Mom, the paperwork that the Child Services have is going to say that Ronni is a boy.” I slipped out of the bed.

“A what?”

“Janice, I have a birth defect,” I said as I pulled my panties down.

She slapped her hand over her mouth. “Holy Shit!” she finally said.

“I’m thinking, if we can doll her up, you know, hair and makeup, then they won’t be able to positively identify her…him, her or him.”

“I know where you’re going with this, Billy and it just might work. The picture they have of me was when I was twelve and my hair was much shorter and I still looked boyish, androgynous, as the pamphlet said.”

Janice was still in shock. “You’re a boy?”

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