Full Disclosure, p.63

man grabbed me by my hands and pulled me up and outside the house. They had hammered the window bigger. The pieces of cinder block is what I heard on the floor.

They laid me on the grass, then they pulled Billy out. They were yelling at him for going in the house. He ignored them and scooped me off the ground. The firefighter was putting an oxygen mask on me as Billy strode with me in his arms to the street. Someone came with a blanket since I was wet and cold and half naked. He gave me to the ambulance boys, then clutched his back. I frowned.

The boys at the ambulance cut my shirt off me and got me a gown and started tending the wounds to my boobs. I didn’t mind that they were boys. Billy was in the ambulance with me. He was sucking oxygen, too. I pulled at my oxygen mask. There were hands on my boobs. My face had to be red.

“You came for me. How did you know to come for me?”

“Remember how I can’t sleep?”

“You pace the floor and go to the phone. I remember.” The ambulance boy put the oxygen back on me and I took it right off again.

“I turned on the TV real low so not to wake anybody, this was on the news. Your house fire was on the news. I saw how bad it was. I grabbed the keys to the Lincoln and ran out the door. I can’t drive for shit. I don’t even have a license. I got here you were not out. I freaked out and went to your little window. I grabbed one of the firefighter’s axes and started chopping on the window and then after I screamed at them long enough, they came and helped me.”

We didn’t even realize it but we had grabbed each other’s hands. The right-side door of the ambulance swung open and Andre’s face appeared. He turned around quick. The EMT boys were going to close the door.

“It’s okay, he’s my brother.” I told them.

“Shit, I didn’t know you were naked. I heard that Billy got you out. The news people want to talk to him. They say he’s a hero,” Andre said.

“Where’s Mama?” I asked.

He turned to me, naked or no. “She’s dead, Ronni. The others say she went back in to get Papa out and the place exploded and the fire trapped her. Mama and Papa are both dead,” Andre said and hung his head. H shook his head, “Papa was drunk. He and Penny had it out. He tried to get frisky with her again and she got that little ball bat after him. You must have slept through all that.”

“That’s why she came down when she heard me screaming. She must have thought Papa was after me.” The EMT boys were through with me and let me fasten my gown behind my neck.

“You will need a few stitches in both breasts, young lady. But it shouldn’t leave much of a scar. You were very lucky. Your friend risked his life from what I hear,” the EMT said.

“Thank you,” Billy said.

“Penny and Angel are dead in the basement. You need to tell the cops and the fire people,” I said to Andre, “They’ll want to talk to me.”

Billy got up and left. “I’ll be right back,” he said. The EMT’s yelled at him that he needed to go to the hospital and he said for them to wait one second. Billy went to get my vanity and my portrait of Mother. Andre came back with a man that introduced himself as the Fire Chief and another man in a suit who introduced himself as a police detective. I told them everything that lead up to the fire, how it started, and where they could find Angel and Penny’s bodies. Billy came back and he added what happened after he got here. He was sketchy about how he got here and I smiled. The detective asked how Angel got into the house and I told him that I had no idea.

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