Full Disclosure, p.62

is making my head spin, can’t breathe. My vanity! I hopped down, then took my vanity up to the window and pushed it through. It scraped the case going through, but it made it. I can fix the case later.

Now me. I climbed up, grabbing the cinder blocks on each side getting my head through, then one arm, but I got stuck. My chest was too big to fit. I backed off. Happy I got a breath of fresh air, but now I’m back in the heat and the flames are pouring through the top of my door. I must bend down to breathe. I must try again.

I climbed back up on my bunk and back up to the window. I got my head through again and heard the sirens closer and saw some red lights. I tried to wiggle my left arm though the opening but I could not. Stuck again. Fuck! I must get free, free or die! I pulled myself with my right arm as hard as I could to get more of my chest through and my boobs scraped on the metal window frame. It hurt but I had to push on! I pulled harder yelling and gritting my teeth! NO! It was too much! I wiggled backward out of the window and back on my bunk. My boobs were bleeding. The little window frame scraped deep into me.

I’m going to die here.

My door’s burning! No! I had to get away from it! I rolled off my bunk and onto the floor and then stopped. I remembered something. I opened my little chest and took the picture of Mother. I went back up to the window and threw the picture out on the grass by my vanity, then hopped down and crawled on my hands and knees to the back of my room past the toilet and to my little shower. I got in the shower and turned the water on. The spray was super cold, but I stood it because I knew that this could be a little fire sprinkler when the flames got to me. There was so much smoke I could barely see the handles on the shower pipes. I coughed, then got down on the little floor of the shower and curled myself under the spray. I coughed and blew smoke.

I went all dizzy. Sleepy. Hot. I rolled over in the solid white smoke and there was no more water coming down. Hot, the air was so hot. No more water was bad, no, wait, no more water was good! That meant the fire boys were pumping it all out, sucking all the lines dry! I tried to get on my knees, but it was so hot! I lay down flat. Then the pounding came. There was hammering and pounding and stuff scattering. It sounded like someone rolling marbles around on the floor.


I heard a voice in the distance. I waved my hand.

“Ronni!” I know that voice.

“Here!” I managed to say with sand in my mouth.

“She’s alive! She’s here!” the voice said. “Get water in here! Get someone in here!”

“The structure is about to collapse!” another voice said.

There was silence. Something hit my bed springs. I know that sound from the million times I plopped down on it. Then, on the floor beside me, was a hand – a man’s hand.

“Come to me, Ronni. Come to me.”


I wiggled closer, got to my knees, and then he lifted me. He turned me and scooped me up under my shoulders and my knees. He turned toward my burning bunk and what I saw was something I cannot explain to this day. The bunk stopped burning and the air cleared. A second ago, the fire was roiling in front of us, now there was a clear path to the window that was larger somehow. He stepped up on the burnt out smoldering bedsprings with me in his arms and lifted me to the window where I had cut my breasts. I heard him strain. He strained so loudly. Another

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