Full Disclosure, p.60

“Ms. Owens called and we talked about it. I was wondering if you were going to mention it. How do you feel about it?”

“Keeping this secret is hard.”

Mama nodded. “Others have to work hard to keep it, too. You should thank the Coach and Ms. Owens.”

“You’re right. I should make a special effort to thank them. Come down to my room and I’ll show you what Billy got me!” I said smiling. But I was cringing inside.




The little streams of night light from the lamp post outside on the street shined bright through the tiny slits I made in the black paint in the little window above my bunk. If it weren’t for those javelins of light my room would have been pitch black. It still was deep black in the far corner by my wrap-around shower and my makeshift clothes rack. Why I awoke, I don’t know. I just did. I put my hand up in the stream of light. I turned it over and wiggled my fingers.

Something moved.

I jerked my hand down. I need to get up and turn on the lights. I slowly eased my legs out from under my blanket. I was breathing hard. All I was sleeping in was a T-shirt and a pair of panties and for some reason I felt very naked, like someone was watching. I turned, put my bare feet on the cold concrete floor and stood. There was breathing. I felt it. I was too scared to move.

I inched forward and put out my right hand for the light switch. It never made it. A man’s fist gripped my wrist and jerked my hand away. A scream came out of my throat but his other hand was over my mouth before it came out. How could he see in this blackness?

I reached up and back for his head behind me but could not grip it. I finally got a tip-toe on the floor as we did our waltz around my little room, me above the floor, him holing my mouth with one hand and my waist with the other. He was trying to throw me down on the bed and I kept using my feet to push away. I hit the floor with my tip-toe and jumped. I reached behind his head and grabbed his ponytail. It was Angel, all right, just as I figured. How did he get in?

I pulled as hard as I could and he screamed. I ran to the light switch, turned it on, and then out my door screaming for Papa.


Angel lunged out and grabbed the tail of my T-shirt and spun me around by the washing machine. My shirt ripped up the back as I spun and then it came off me. I wiggled out of it and headed for the stairs.


“He’s passed out drunk, he, he, he,” Angel said “HE AIN’T COMING!” he screamed and ran after me. I went up the stairs on my hands and knees.

Angel caught my ankle and drug me back down. I had a second to think. I didn’t know what time it was. It had to be early in the morning. Everyone was asleep. I needed to scream more.

I screamed as loud and shrill as I could. As he dragged me on my butt across the basement floor, I took a deep breath and screamed again loud and shrill.

I tried to kick at him, kick at his fists holding my leg.

He just looked at me and giggled, “How’d your tits get so big?”

The ass! He’s slobbering over my boobs and I’m fighting for my life. I screamed again, took another breath and got ready to do it again. Then the basement door opened and footsteps came pounding down the steps.

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