Full Disclosure, p.50

The door burst open and Coach Demeter came rushing in the small locker room. He was a big man, gray around the temples. He was the football and wrestling coach. He saw two naked women in the stall and turned his head and put up his hand to shield.

“What’s going on in there?”

“Sexual assault!” I shouted.

“Nothing!” Brenda shouted at the same time.

“Get out and get dressed now! Stay in this room! I’m getting a woman in here.”

He left. I clenched my teeth. “Get out now!” I growled at her in the meanest voice I could muster.

Brenda stepped away, gathered her gym clothes, and hurriedly dressed. I waited until I was sure her back was turned and I grabbed my towel and wrapped up in it. I dressed under the towel. I had to drop the towel to put on my bra.

Mrs. Owens came in, took a look around, then got Coach Demeter to come back in. Ms. Owens was the middle school guidance counselor who set it up that I could shower in here.

They fired Brenda. Ms. Owens brought Coach Demeter back and he told Brenda that he was still in touch with the Athletic Department at Indiana University, having been one of the assistant coaches there for a couple years. Brenda tried to lie her way out of it, but they saw though it. That’s when Coach Demeter said he would go back to IU and talk to the head of the Athletic Department about what happened here. Brenda was shocked that he would go and do that. He wouldn’t, of course, but she didn’t know it. He made her believe it. They also told her that this would be on her final report. I excused myself and hurried off to lunch.

I walked into the dining area with my tray and I’m still a little freaked about how noisy it all is. This is a huge school with a thousand students or more. There’s Billy, over there in the back at the queer table, and over there is Monique and Evangela at their girl’s clique table. Billy waved and me to come over, and Monique gave me a head nod to come sit by her. There was no debate.

I went to Billy.

He smiled as I get up to him and he patted the bench on his left. I sat, we did a quick peck on the lips, and I start giving my chocolate milk a good shake. Glancing at Billy, he smiled at me with his hand in his palm and his elbow on the table.

“What?” I ask.

He leaned in close. “Your chest jiggles when you shake your milk,” he said.

I sat back. “Is that all you ever think about?” I asked smiling.

He nodded. “I’m a teenage boy. I live in a world that includes a constant erection.”

I leaned in close. “I had the horniest dream. I dreamed that you were over me. I think I was on my knees. You turned my face up and forced my mouth open and I opened wide and put my tongue flat. You spit at my mouth but you missed and it hit my eye. You spit again and it ran down the side of my face. You kept spitting and some went in my mouth and I swallowed it. The symbology got me so hot. The controlling was hot, too. It was all foreplay and it was so hot.”

“Oh, my God that’s hot as hell. That is extreme foreplay. It gets me horny thinking about it.”

“Don’t you dare try it. Remember what you taught me about foreplay? What works now won’t work tomorrow? Well, even if it was a dream, you’ve used that one. You’ll have to try something else!” I laughed.

“Darn it!” Billy said. I laughed again.

While we ate lunch, Daniel and the others talked about a new movement called LGB, or sometimes GLB. He said they are a loose organization of sexual oddballs that stand up for their rights. They said there is power in numbers. Then the tone got serious and Daniel passed me a

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