Full Disclosure, p.49

“Not a chance as smart as you are,” he said and let me go. I started to walk away. “One more thing,” I turned walking backward listening to him. “Watch out for Penny and Angel. He’s bringing her to school today.”

“Got it.” I said. “Talk to me at lunch about it.”

“I would be with you every minute if I could, you know that.” He smiled at me and I threw him a kiss with my free hand. I carried my backpack with the other. I walked on, into the building, down the stairs, and to my locker at the end. I stopped dead in my tracks. Penny stood there waiting for me.

The encounter with Penny started off with her being angry and accusatory as usual but ended with her hugging me and apologizing for being mean to me, much to my surprise. She had cleaned up, too. And she wore a bra for the first time since I met her. She started by accusing me of braking the sister code, whatever that is. I questioned the fact that she was even my sister having not spoken to me directly more than five times. She said I ratted on her and Angel and got him locked up. I finally got it out of her that Angel put her up to this confrontation. She apologized, kissed my cheek, then left me with a warning.

Angel was out to get me. He wanted me sexually. I knew that, but the look she gave me, and the way she said it made me believe that he would act on it.

After PE I trotted through the athletic office as usual, greeted Jerry and Brenda, the athletic department interns from Indiana University on a work/study program. They were not much more than towel people. There were rumors about those two at first but it turned out Jerry was gay. I mean, he never outed himself, but he ignored pretty blond Brenda and salivated over a certain young boy basketball player. It was so cute, and obvious. Brenda would smile at me in that knowing way when I noticed her watching the two of them talking. She knew that I knew. I trotted through and locked the door behind me, a habit I got into since that day with the lesbian basketball coach. I was halfway through my five-minute shower when I heard a key in the door, then it opened.

I pulled the curtain back on the single stall shower and there stood Brenda, wiggling out of her panties, then she was naked. She stepped into the shower with me. She was blond, not as light as me, but dark blond and she had brown eyes. She was a few inches taller, but hell, most everyone is a few inches taller than me. She had small but perky boobs that ski-sloped up at the end. She smiled when she saw me looking at her boobs.

“You’ve got great tits,” she said. “I love thin girls with big tits.”

“I didn’t know you were gay,” I said backing away. I covered my genitals with my hand.

“Men, women, who cares,” she said with a sneer. “I go with whoever. The way you smile at me? You give out that horny vibe all over the place. You were flirting with me.” she said arching her eyebrows way high. “Now, move your hands and let’s get a good look at the rest of you.”

“You misunderstood the smiling. I’m only thirteen and I am not into girls. I have a boyfriend. Please stop.”

“I heard things about you,” she said as she stepped closer. I glanced down at her vulva and her thin pubic hair. Her labia were plain to see. I had never seen a grown woman naked up close, only Penny when the cops had her. “They said you had a birth defect. They said your clitoris was so big it looks like a penis. Come on, Ronni, let me see.”

“NO! Get back! Get out of here or I’ll scream!” Brenda grabbed at my right wrist. She darted under the shower water. She grabbed at my left hand, the hand that covered my genitals.

“AAAHHHHHHHH!” I screamed. “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed as loud and as shrill as I could. “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

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