Full Disclosure, p.43

“Ronni, I’ve got to go, but trust me, sometimes things are not as they appear. I want to talk to you at lunch. Can I do that, talk to you at lunch?” I just stood there with my back to him. “That skirt looks nice, by the way.”

There was no explanation that was going to say to me that a kiss was not a kiss, that his arm was not around her shoulders, that she was not so pretty that she made me look plain. The pain is pounding in my chest! I can’t stand it!

I fell to one knee on the sidewalk and cried so hard I lost my breath and fainted. Someone pulled on my arm and got me back up on my knees. I looked up at the face of a girl I didn’t recognize.

“I saw what was going on from over there. You don’t know me,” she said. “I’m Monique. Billy and I used to be a thing. Okay, I can see that you recognize my name. Can you stand?”


“Yes, come on, you’ve got to try to walk or somebody will call 911. I don’t think you want that today. Get up and try to walk, please.”

She helped me up. I straightened my skirt and got my backpack over my shoulder. I looked at her face. “I’m Ronni. Why did you help me?”

“I know who you are. Shit, everybody in school knows who you are, but you keep to yourself so much that you don’t know anybody. You need to make some friends,” she said. She handed me a Kleenex from her purse. “You should blow your nose. You’re making snot bubbles.”

Monique was very pretty. She was white and she had long flowing brown hair that hung down on her shoulders in front. She had sculpted eyebrows and her eyes were brown and big with very long eyelashes. Some freckles danced across her cheeks and a small button of a nose. Her lips curled up into dimples when she smiled.

Monique walked with me to my locker. She explained to me that Billy will prey on girls, and boys too, it seems, who have no experience with love making them fall in love and use them for sex. She said I was an easy mark because I had no friends. He did not have to cull me from the heard. We went down the stairs to the seventh-grade lockers, and to my locker at the end of the hallway. Normally, it would be halfway since my last name starts with a ‘K’ but I joined the semester late, so I’m at the end.

“I don’t expect you to believe everything I’ve said, Ronni,” Monique said as we walked down the hall. “I didn’t believe anything Penny was telling me when I first met Billy, either. I should have, because everything she told me about him turned out to be true.”

“Billy told me you two spilt because of something you did, something that caused him to lose trust in you,” I said.

“Do you really want to know what that was?”

“I think I do, yes.”

“My parents have been so good to me. They are Christian and care very deeply about what I’m doing and who I am with. So, when I couldn’t walk, they demanded to know why. I told them everything. I told them the whole truth about the sex injury, that Billy and I had rough anal sex, all the dirty details. My father was so angry he called the police. They still haven’t gotten over it. I think my father is still working on a lawsuit against Billy’s mother and that motorcycle shop.”

“Are you happy that you told?”

“Boy, you cut right to it, don’t you! No, I’m miserable about it. I still love Billy, but once I opened my mouth about our sex, that was it between us. He dumped me. It was over and I was heartbroken.”

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