Full Disclosure, p.40

bodies. Many nights went by since that day with Andrew, when I first realized I wanted men. Then, when the medical confirmation came that I was a girl everything changed. The guilt and shame I felt fearing that I was homosexual lifted away from my shoulders in a flash with a simple medical exam. Now, lying here gently kissing and fondling my lover, naked and smiling, I have never felt so right! My lover lay beside me limp and spent, totally satisfied! That satisfied me so much.

We talked about sex, about how he discovered his bisexuality, and I told him my story about Andrew and my fears of homosexuality. He understood completely saying that masculine fantasies almost drove him crazy until he had sex with a girl. That was when he realized he could love both.

We checked the time and then quickly rinsed off together in my little shower. We dressed, threw my bedclothes in the washer, and I walked him to the door and we said our goodbyes.




I sat on my stool at my little two foot by two-foot green folding table and opened my Civics book. I think this table is Army surplus. The last chapter was in front of me and when I finish it I will be up with the rest of the class, if only I could get Billy out of my head long enough to read one word. Our sex together sent me into my foggy haze! Enough of that! I must study!

My thoughts wandered from sex with Billy, to Civics, to the laundry, and back to sex with Billy. I learned one thing, it is impossible to study after sex.

I woke with a jump.

“Easy girl, it’s Papa. I’ve been shaking you. You were sleeping with your face in your book. Me and Mama want to talk to you upstairs,” Papa said.

I sat up and smiled at him. “Thank you, Papa, I’ll be right up.” He nodded and left.

I looked at my little black window and it was dark. How long had I slept? I went to my little sink and I washed my face, dried, then headed for the door. I need to grab my sheet before someone else does!

After I threw my sheet and blanket on my bunk, I headed up the stairs. Mama and Papa were sitting in the living room. I took a seat on the brown vinyl couch.

“Papa and I have been at Juvey with Penny. We also got to speak with her lawyer briefly. She, well they, tell a whole different story than your Billy told,” Mama said.

“What do you mean? What different story?”

“The way Penny tells it,” she said and paused, looking at Papa, “Billy Carnes is a sexual predator. He went after Penny and then Angel had to fight him, ending with Angel hitting him with that piece of muffler pipe.”

“That doesn’t make sense,” I said getting a little bit angry, “Billy would not have tried to jump Penny in front of Angel. He’s scared of Angel. Billy doesn’t even like Penny.”

“Penny said that Billy tried to talk Angel into having a threesome. When Angel and Penny refused, Billy got angry and went and got the muffler pipe,” Papa said.

“I’m not sure I even know what a threesome is,” I said.

Mama and Papa looked at one another. Papa’s bald, black forehead wrinkled. When he talked, I caught glimpses of his gold tooth. “You’re still so young, of course you don’t know. You’re not supposed to know. Kids these days learn sex way too young,” he said.

“It is just as it sounds, sweetie. Three people in bed at the same time, no matter the gender,” Mama explained. I nodded.

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