Full Disclosure, p.39

“Papa and I have to be out for a while to see about Penny. You are the boss until I get back. You’ve sat kids before and I expect that you will keep control of things.”

“I’ve got it, Mama,” Andre said.

They got their keys and jackets and things and got out the door. They went in Papa’s car. Andre was taller than Billy, so we both looked up at him. “Mind yourselves. I know you two want to go to her room. You know the rules. No one of the opposite sex in your room unless the door is open.”

“I know, no worries,” I said. I smiled up at Billy, gorgeous Billy with his hair combed back and his little curl hanging down, his soft blue eyes and his perfect nose. “Come, I’ll show you my little hideaway.”

I took his hand and together we went down the basement steps. We rounded the steps and passed the washer and dryer.

“Is that where they have you? Isolated in there?” he asked.

“They couldn’t room me with Bart. He walked around in his underwear with a constant hard-on and it drove me crazy. They couldn’t room me with one of the girls because I would have to sleep in the same bed with Deandre. Hello!”

“But I don’t like the idea of isolation, either.”

I turned the doorknob and opened my bedroom door, “Ta daaa!” I said, flourishing my hand.

He stepped in and looked around. “This is actually good. I was expecting a prison cell. You have your own little bath!”

“Yeah, isn’t that cool?”

“No windows, though,” he said.

“No, I have my little black window above my bunk right here,” I said pointing. “I have a great view of…the yard.”

He laughed. “It’s small but you can open it from the top it looks like. It will pivot down, may I?” I nodded. He stepped on my bunk and pulled the latch. Someone had painted it shut, but he managed to yank and break the seal. The window opened and fresh air filled my room. He stepped off my bunk.

“I think you could wiggle through there as small as you are, maybe sneak out to come see me,” he said, then smiled. I put my arms around his waist under his jacket and my chin on his chest.

“Who needs to sneak? I have you right here, right now!”

He smiled, “You’re not going to faint if I kiss you, are you?”

“I might. Kiss me and find out.”

He bent and gently put his lips on mine. I took the back of his head and pulled him in harder, opening my mouth for his tongue. Oh, how he teased my mouth with his tongue! We broke off and I was breathing hard. He rubbed his thumb across my left nipple and I almost fainted.

That’s when the clothes started coming off. First, I helped him out of his, then he helped me out of mine. We stood in my little bedroom butt naked kissing and fondling.

We were forehead to forehead. “Be tender with them, my boobs are still coming in and they’re sore,” I told him and he nodded. He kissed me again.

We broke the kiss and saliva strung from my mouth. I didn’t bother to wipe it. I plopped down on the edge of my bed and blew on my cold hands. I looked up at him and smiled while I warmed my hands.

“Teach me,” I said.”

We did what we did and then we finished. It was glorious! I longed for him for so long and I finally had him. Afterward, we played around for a while, naked, simply enjoying each other’s

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