Full Disclosure, p.38

on the couch, he took her shirt off and pulled his own shirt off. Then they got up and they took their pants off. She got on her knees and…did oral on him.”

“They were naked and had sex, in front of you,” I said.

“I couldn’t believe it either. I thought I was at Woodstock in the 60’s or something. It was strange. Angel kept looking at me and winking. I’m not going to go into details, but he started choking her and getting rough, forcing her. I couldn’t abide by that. I got up and pulled her back off him. I grabbed her shoulders and yanked her back. Tears were running out of her eyes. What else could I do?”

“I want to say that you did the right thing, Billy, but it might have been better if you had just got up and left,” Papa said.

Mama swiveled on him and reared back like she was about to roar. “What on earth…”

Billy stood and raised his hand for a pause.

“Papa’s right, Mama!” Billy said and calmed her down she turned and settled a bit. I was proud of my Billy. “At least, the way it turned out, that is exactly what I should have done. They both turned on me for interrupting.”

“When a man and woman has sexual relations, they learn their limitations. Some men and women like it rough, even to the point of tears. You, being young, didn’t understand that and reacted within your ethical beliefs. You were right, but you were wrong, also. Given Angel’s proclivity to violence, I’m saying it might have been better if you had walked away from it, that’s all.”

Billy nodded in agreement. “You’re right. I learned something about the adult world last night, Papa. When they both came at me, I was shocked.”

“Sometimes chivalry will get you in trouble,” Papa said grinning.

“I honestly thought Penny would be grateful, but she was angrier than he was.”

“Penny? Grateful?” I asked sarcastically.

“Those stories about how strong she is true! She stood, grabbed me, and then threw me down on the desk,” Billy said. He got warm and took off his leather jacket. His muscular shoulders and arms rippled under his white striped shirt. I almost licked my lips.

“Tell them what happened next,” I said.

“Angel got out that huge hunting knife from the belt on his pants. He put it to my cheek while Penny held me face down on that metal desk in an arm lock and told me to get on the phone and call Ronni. He wanted to have sex with her. The whole time I talked with Ronni, he had that knife. I got to the part where I would get on the bus and come get her, he nodded that it was okay.”

“That’s when I came in and asked you if I could go, Mama, and you said no. We’re both glad that I didn’t go, even though it cost him a mild concussion,” I said.

“After I told him that she couldn’t come, he went berserk. Penny keyed off him and got crazy, too. He grabbed a piece of tailpipe, I backpeddled from the wall phone between the new motorcycles. He came down on my head with the pipe, and the last I remember was their naked bodies above me, laughing.”

The phone rang and Mama got up and walked to the kitchen. We sat in silence for a little while until she came back.

“That was him, the lawyer. Penny’s not coming home just yet, but he said we could go see her. Papa and I will go down to Juvey and visit her. Andre!” she shouted.

Andre came pounding down the stairs.

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