Full Disclosure, p.37

I sat up with the nurse’s help and tuned around and couldn’t find Billy, but there he was smiling that sweet smile.

I grabbed the front of his shirt. I started crying again, so did he. “Boy, you know I love you, you know I do, you know it! I love you so much my heart explodes inside! It explodes loud, Billy, its loud like WAR inside me, in my chest. My heart explodes like WAR! LIKE WAR!” I shouted and cried at the same time.

He scooped me up. The wetness from our crying was a cloudy vapor around our eyes. We breathed tears in each other’s faces. My arms and legs went limp and he swayed me back and forth, inches from each other, holding my head, holding me all over. Then he kissed me. It vibrated me. The kiss shook me down to my bones! It electrocuted me!



“That smell again!” I said.

“Have you had anything to eat today?” the nurse asked me as she put the spent capsule on the food tray. I sat up on the bed. Billy stood by the tray with his hands in his pockets. His face was red.

“I wish someone would kiss me and make me quake like that! I’ve never been kissed like that!” The other nurse said. I looked at her and over her shoulder there were two more nurses standing in the door. They both had their hands clasped together at their mouths and they were misty, too. There was another nurse there, a red-head. “I wish my husband would kiss me until I passed out like that,” she said.

One of the nurses brought me a pack of crackers and some orange juice. “You need something in your tummy, sweetie,” she said. The other nurse picked up Billy’s papers. He sat beside me while I munched crackers and the nurse gave him instructions for his discharge. I found out that anytime you get conked on the head and you lose consciousness, they keep you overnight.

We gathered his stuff, his papers and all, and we walked arms around each other out of the hospital to the bus.


Chapter 3.




It was Sunday afternoon and Mama and Papa were waiting to hear from the court appointed lawyer about Penny. Billy sat beside me in our living room on the brown vinyl couch holding my hand. The couch had a crinkly slick feel to it that I didn’t like much, but it was in good shape and it sat good. Mama and Papa sat diagonal from us on the gray cloth sofa under the window, the one that I could crawl on to peek out the blinds. To my right was the front door, to my left was the stairs that led up, and down.

“He got seething mad when I told him that Ronni wasn’t coming,” Billy explained. “His face went red and he turned his back and pretended to be occupied with something, that’s how I tell he’s planning something. He doesn’t blow up, he plots and plans. He’s vengeful.”

“He hit you, what led up to that,” Mama asked.

“Like I told the police. We were in the back room of the shop. There’s a sofa, a cot, and a desk in there. It’s supposed to be an office, but Greg doesn’t use it. Angel and Penny were making out

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