Full Disclosure, p.33

The only light left was from the police car. The man went inside with his gun drawn, while the woman guarded the door, looked around with her hand on her hip, then she drew her gun and went inside.

“Lordy, they got their guns out,” Mama said. I scooted forward and put my hand on her shoulder.

A few minutes later the woman police officer dragged Penny out of the shop. She was naked and holding her jeans and shirt over her front. Just like Charisse said, she did shave her crotch. It was slick smooth, but dark shaded. She screamed for the police woman to let her put her clothes on! The police woman didn’t listen. She opened the back of the police car and plopped Penny’s naked ass down, then lowered her head, shoved her in, then closed the door. Penny wrestled around putting on her clothes. Her and Mama stared at one another through the car windows. They never said anything, just stared. It was eerie.

We heard sirens, but he stopped down the road with their lights turning. Why? I looked out the back of the car at the open field across the street. I really hadn’t noticed it much before. The houses on this street were all on one side. Now there were people coming out of their homes and standing in their front yards watching.

Billy mentioned that he lived only a couple houses down from the shop. I wondered which direction.

“I think that’s the ambulance, sweetie,” Mama said. “They won’t come in until the police give them the okay.”

“They’re here for Billy,” I said. We all watched intently.

There were more sirens and another Police car came down the road around the ambulance. I watched as it zoomed into the lot kicking up dust. People down road on the other side of the shop were out of their houses, too.

There were two more male police officers. They went up to the shop real cautious-like, but they didn’t go inside, they slipped around to the right side away from us into the night shadows.

“There he goes! He’s running!” one of the police officers shouted. There were shouts from behind the shop. Flashlights danced and bobbed through the trees, the yards, and through the night sky. “He’s down! Here!” the female police officer shouted. We couldn’t see what was going on. Only the light from the flashlights and the shouting. Another police car arrived and it only had one blue light on its dashboard. Two men got out. They wore suits. One of them was balding and had a pot belly, the other was younger and tall with black wavy hair. They walked quickly to the dark side of the shop and a few seconds later, they all emerged with Angel in handcuffs. He was naked, too, like Penny.

The ambulance siren belted a couple of times and two of the police officers went to Billy. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I hopped out the door and ran to shop entrance.

I ran past Angel and he turned his head to me. “I’ll have you yet, he, he, he. I’ll have that little ass!” he shouted. I ignored him. Then he yelled so every ear could hear, “Hermaphrodite!”

That stung. That hurt my heart.

I didn’t realize it but I had put up my hands in defense against Angel as if my little hands could ward off his evil or something. I could feel Angel’s angry eyes glaring at the back of my head. I ran and skidded a little, then dropped on my knees by his head. They moved over a bit to let me in. The female officer smiled at me. There were three police officers there, not two, and there were bandages and other things on the floor where thy had given him first aid. I bent over and kissed Billy as tenderly as I could. He kissed me back and touched my face.

“You came for me,” he said.

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