Full Disclosure, p.24

though. All the feelings I had for her died. I didn’t trust her any more after she…well, let me leave it at that.”

“She did something and destroyed your trust. When trust goes, love is right behind.”

“You’re pretty smart.”

“Thank you. I heard you’ve been talking to Penny,” I said.

“Wait! Don’t tell me you live in the same home with Penny Jenkins!”

I can see his dark eyebrows shooting up. He has a straight nose that sort of bounces at the tip when he talks. It makes him look elfish. He is so handsome! I smiled.

“She’s told you some things about me, hasn’t she?”

“Um, look. Penny, um. Shit. I’m cooked.”

I laughed. “She told you about my sex, didn’t she! That’s how you knew!”

“Penny came up to me and told me that she had a girl for me that was right up my alley since, I’m…” he stopped then started whispering, “look I can’t talk about this here.”

“Okay, let me finish for you,” she whispered, “since you are bi and go with either sexes, she had a girl in mind that was both sexes. Am I close?”

“You know about me! Yes, that very close to what she said. Penny said she had a girl with a penis, then gave me your name and description. She didn’t tell me you were…you, that you were a knock-out, and smart, and funny.”

To know that Penny was spreading my story around the school hurt me hard. I started crying. Things and people always spoil my life for me. I can’t control them. It started out so good, too.

I sat for a moment trying to right myself.

“I can hear you breathing,” he said. “Penny, that bitch, has done it again. She tromps on every heart she comes across. Ever heard that saying, ‘misery loves company’?”

“Uh-huh,” I said. That was all I could get out. He sat quiet for a moment. “Penny knows deep down that Angel doesn’t love her and she’s hurting. She lashes out at everyone wanting them to hurt along with her.”

I had to take all that in for a moment.

“With everyone talking around us, we don’t have to talk to each other. We could just tell them,” I said and he chuckled. “Anyway, it’s called ‘hermaphrodite’. I have female reproductive organs inside that dominate over my male organs outside, so I’m female with tiny male genitals. Basically, a freak.”

“Noooo,” he said. “Nature just dealt you some bad cards. Personally, I think nature dealt you some aces. To me? You are hot! You’ve just have to find the right partner, like me. And thank you for sharing and coming out to me.”

I sat cross-legged in the wooden dinning chair and played with the curly phone cord.

“Saying it to you was…it didn’t have barbs on it.”

“I like that. No barbs.”

“Penny told on me.”

“Yes, she did. It’s called ‘outing’.”

“It hasn’t even been a day and I have this to deal with. The whole school knows!”

“Maybe not, maybe she just told me.”

I heard feet stomping and Penny rounded the corner. She had on a dirty gray tee-shirt and no bra. Her big boobs bounced. “You’re hogging the phone. You’ve been on twenty minutes. Who are you talking to?”

“A friend!” I said, “Give me one more minute to say goodbye.” Penny nodded and walked away.

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