Full Disclosure, p.19

He looked out the window. “I’m a Christian,” he said.

“So am I,” Ms. Owens said, “This is the right thing to do. Look, her gender is ambiguous, medically unproven. She’s right. Everyone will assume she is female.”

“Sir, I’m a Christian woman, too. Ronni King is one of God’s children. We cannot deny her in her time of need,” Mama said. The Principal pondered for a while looking out the window.

He turned back around. “Put female on all her admission paperwork. If there are any bathroom questions, tell the students she has a medical condition and leave it at that. Tell her teachers that they have a new girl in their class.”

I sighed. “Thank you, Sir,” I said with a big smile.

“Why do I feel like I’m lying?” he asked.

Everything went great, even PE. I did PE with the girls and I was comfortable, except with being the new kid and all. The Principal sent a letter to the Physical Education instructors  telling them about me and my medical condition so I changed clothes in the small coach’s locker room, then showered there, too. Their shower was just for two persons. I didn’t bring any soap, but there was some in the dish. Living in the foster home has taught me to just grab stuff. If you didn’t, you did without. I’ll try to get my own soap, though. That’s personal. Nobody has given me any gruff about anything. The girls seem to have accepted me as a girl, so far.

I’m having to do make-up work since I missed three weeks of school. Has it only been three weeks? It seems like a lifetime with Mother dying, moving to the city and all that’s happened. I missed the second semester mid-term tests and I start taking those this week. Ms. Owens was real proud of my grades from my old school. She said that I had real strong scores in math and science, but I needed work in English and writing. I could have told her that. Civics are hard for me too, but I’m a whiz at math and all things science. I’m taking the same classes I was taking in my old school so I can get the credits, English, Science, Geography, Math, PE, and Civics. My problem is having to read so much. I’m a little slow. I saw a pamphlet that they have a class in the library during lunch that offers tips on how to speed up your reading. I’m going to go to that. I could make up my work faster if I could read faster.

The lunch bell rang and I left the gym and walked across the sidewalk toward the cafeteria. I felt my pocket for the meal ticket they gave me in the office. It was still there. Across the way, toward the cafeteria, an odd-looking group stood under the awning that covered the sidewalk from the cafeteria to the classroom building. One of them had green hair that looked like the Statue of Liberty, another kid had garish makeup and long hair. A boy there with them drew my attention. He wore a leather jacket and a nice buttoned-down shirt . He combed his thick dark hair back slick in an old-fashioned style, like from the old rock and roll days, and he had part of it in the front curl down on his forehead. He had broad powerfully built shoulders. He had dark eyebrows and a nice smile. That’s about all I could tell of him from where I was. He looked and me and I smiled, he sort-of cocked his head a little sideways and smiled back. It was calm and nice.

I kept worrying about that ticket. I need to get a small purse. I need to go back to that rummage sale at the church this Sunday. Let’s see, where’s the entrance to the cafeteria? I’ll bet it’s around there where that boy is at! I grinned. I went around the building and he was still there. I walked up to him.

“Are you lost?” he asked. I smiled so much my face was froze.

“I’m new,” I said. His voice was deep and dreamy. He glanced at my boobs.

“No shit,” one of the other boys said.

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