Full Disclosure, p.13

I sat on the side of the examination table in one of those light blue gowns that tie in the back of the neck and lets your butt shine. The doctor had just finished pushing and prodding around on my stomach. I had to put my feet in those stirrups then he lifted and stretched my penis and scrotum and felt my testicles. He had the nurse come in and take blood from my arm and I had to pee in a cup. He had examined me top to bottom, including my breasts, my armpits, my anus, my everything. If he had kept going I was going to say something!

Mama was right about my breasts, though. The A-cup bra fit perfectly. The first time I put it on, it was magic. It was like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz putting on the red slippers. I felt more like a girl than I ever have. My breasts were firm and perky with large round areolas that crinkled when I got excited. They poked out and when I stood in front of the mirror I could see the nipples through my shirt. I was so proud!

The doctor, a young-looking man with only a bit of gray around the edges of his black curly hair, finally came back in and told me that they were going to send me somewhere for a CT scan, whatever that was. Mama came in behind him. She looked at me and smiled. She must have seen the expression on my face.

“Don’t be scared. It won’t hurt a bit,” she told me. I leaned in to her as close as I could.

“Did he say anything?”

“He said he’ll talk to you after the scan,” she said.

“Mama, do you have insurance for all this?”

She squeezed my shoulder. “I’m beginning to learn you, child. You think of other people, like when you gave Papa your dinner. Don’t worry about a thing. The state pays for all of your medical bills.”

I smiled. That made me feel better. Mother never had insurance to go to the doctor. I figured that’s why she died so sudden.

The female nurse came and put me in a wheel chair and off I went to the x-ray department at the hospital. The staff kept calling me “Miss” and “Missy” and “Honey.” I loved it so much. The scan wasn’t hard, I just had to breathe when they told me, and hold my arms over my head. They took me back to the examination room. About forty-five minutes later, the doctor came in with the scans. He put them on that light box thingy.

He pointed to something bright. “Let me start off by saying that your breast growth is not gynecomastia like you thought. Do you see the tiny things that look like veins in your breasts?”

I nodded.

“Those are mammary glands. Your breasts are the real thing, Ronni,” he said and smiled at me. I got up and stepped up to the picture. I touched the mammary glands.

“I could nurse a baby,” I said and grinned “Am I correct?”

“Yes, Ronni. That is possible. Now, look at this scan,” he said a pointed to the one beside it. Do you see this small mass here?”

“I see that white oval thing,” I said. Mama said that she did, too.

“Good,” he said, “because that is your ovary. This small mass here beneath it is an underdeveloped uterus.”

“I have an ovary!”

“I knew there was something causing this!” Mama said. “Is this going to make him sick or is he a she? Is the deformed uterus diseased?”

She,” I said, “Mama, I’m a she!”

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