Full Disclosure



By Tom Chambless

This is a tale told by a young person during the twelfth and thirteenth years. The person was left orphaned and fated to live in the foster system. However bad Ronni’s economic and home life became, Ronni’s own body was the biggest betrayer. Something was wrong with Ronni, physically. Laughed at and bullied most of Ronni”s young life, Ronni did not know what the physical and emotional changes meant, and how those changes dramatically affected everything around Ronni. Go to Story  

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The Banal, Entangled (updated)

The blasé, twisted. The ennui wound around in a new way. Normality goes all twisty as lifelong friends find themselves catching feelings for one another. Don’t yawn too hard, there is a twist in the end that will catch you by surprise. This was my submission to a writing contest. I did not win, as usual, but I wrote the best story I could at the time and under the circumstances. There was a 1500 word limit, so I had to say everything quickly.

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