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The Banal, Entangled (updated)

The blasé, twisted. The ennui wound around in a new way. Normality goes all twisty as lifelong friends find themselves catching feelings for one another. Don’t yawn too hard, there is a twist in the end that will catch you by surprise. This was my submission to a writing contest. I did not win, as usual, but I wrote the best story I could at the time and under the circumstances. There was a 1500 word limit, so I had to say everything quickly.

Recommended Reading

The Turkey

An insecure guy follows his wife around their house one afternoon while she’s picking up and doing laundry. He gets crazy ideas about what’s going on in her head. See if you can figure out which turkey is the real turkey!

Recommended Reading


Yea! {Horns playing a flourish}

Poony is about the laughing-stock elf who becomes the unlikely hero who fights to save Twee, the girl of his dreams.

All four Poony stories are posted under the parent story of Poony! Mouse over Poony and the drop will give you Poony and the other three stories.


Added Some New Stories

I posted three new stories. The Bone is about a washed out NCIS Agent. Have You heard the One About…? is about combat gone wrong inside and M1A1 Tank. A Caring Leader is about an Army Platoon Sergeant with justifiable worries over one of his troops. I hope you enjoy these.

Poony Can’t be Posted Just Yet

I submitted Poony to a magazine for publication and their rules said that it could not be published in any form anywhere else or it would be rejected. I have to wait to see if they accept it before I decide to put it back up here. There are four Poony stories in all, but I only submitted the first one. The story would not make sense without the first one, so none of them are up.

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