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The topics on this blog concern recent news and my take on that news. I will include as much of the original article as possible while commenting either in line, last, or as a comment.


Just remember these rules (violations will get you banned):

  1. Do not advertise or link to products.
  2. No links to commercial websites, neither retail nor wholesale.
  3. No spamming.
  4. No porn. A Second Look is rated PG-13. Kiddie Porn will result in calling the police.
  5. Just mind your manners, hold down the flaming, watch your language and we’ll be fine.
  6. This is a political blog. The focus of your comment should be on-topic. If your comments are continually off-topic or are not political in nature, I will delete them and ban you from posting further.
    Example: “I never thought about it that way. I will continue to read your post.”

Thanks for stopping by. I hope we will converse often.

Tom at Pacific Beach

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