I’m home from the hospital. I’m really sore. They sent me home with some pills to relieve the surgery pain. Surgery is not so hard. You go to sleep, then wake up and its over. Then you hurt all over and wonder what the hell they did to you. You move your leg and hurt in your abdomen. Everything is connected.

My take on nurses: After surgery, your stomach is growling because you haven’t eaten in many hours and when you finally get some food the nurse sets in on the portable table tray and leaves. You’ve got hoses coming out of your arms, and other places, and you can’t reach the patient’s table, let alone operate it. So the nurse has to come back and raise it and put the food in front of you and asks you, “Is that better?” and you try to be nice to her and tell her “Yes, thank you,” and she turns and leaves again. The food is cold by now. She smiles so nicely.

I’ve done some editing and I think I’m ready to submit my next story for the Becoming Writer community tomorrow. I submit one new piece per week. This is new to me and I submitted too many stories last week and they deleted one of them. So it goes. I think I’ve got a better understanding of the rules now. I’ll be a good boy.

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Thanks, from a very sore and sleepy


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