Author’s News: New Works! Update 3/6/2017

I am near the end of my novella, Born Anew, (working title). It is an LGBT+ themed short work and the finished product will be just under 50,000 words.


I reached the end of the first draft of my novella, Born Anew. It ended! Right now it is four chapters , 75 pages, and 47,000+ words. After the first editing and re-write it will be shorter, but not by much. I will create its own page then.

Author’s News: Queries

I received another rejection letter Friday. What was great was that the response time was only six days. I like working with with people who do what they say, in this case, a prompt reply. I have also sent a new query for Tommy Dean on the 2nd of March and intend to send more this upcoming week.

Author’s News: The Caring Leader

Recently, I entered  a new short story, The Caring Leader, in the  annual Short Fiction Journal contest for short stories, and also the annual Tillie Olsen Short Story Award contest. Sadly I cannot publish any of the story here until the results of these contests are published. Wish me luck.

The Caring Leader is about a U.S. Army Platoon Sergeant, SFC Danny Franks. There is a member of his platoon, Specialist Trainor who does not fit in with the rest. Seeing trouble ahead, Danny Franks jumps into Specialist Trainor’s life. Through close, one-on-one counseling Danny Franks uncovers the truth of Specialist Trainor’s fears.