DUI for Too Much THC is a Good Thing

Re: States Offer Up Many Consequential Ballot Measures

Washington also has a measure to legalize marijuana for recreational use, but unlike the other two states, the polls are much more favorable. However, Washington’s referendum (Initiative 502) comes with strings attached that have even long-time legalization advocates telling people to vote no on Tuesday. The concern is that the measure includes provisions which would penalize medical marijuana users, because law enforcement would be issuing DUIs to people with blood levels of THC that are routinely seen in regular marijuana users.

Washington State’s I-502 to legalize marijuana has rightly included language to issue DUI’s to those whose THC levels prove that they are driving impaired. I have no problem with that.

People who are high on pot must give the keys to a friend the same way they would if they were impaired with alcohol. I think they can learn to live with that.

Medical marijuana users know that they can get popped for DUI even with a prescription just like any person could when driving while impaired on any medication. My wife must take opiates for pain and we do not let her drive. The same rules should apply for pot as any other drug.

I am proud that we in Washington  are finally going take the lead and do something positive about the war on drugs. If the Mexican government finds themselves in a query about what to do with shipment of pot to legal states, then maybe they should consider legalizing marijuana. Problem solved.

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