Rep. Steve King Shows his Stripes



I ran across this article at TPM and wanted to post it to my blog. It seems the CPAC is inviting all sorts of rif-raf into the tent.

The Delicate Dance Of Disassociating Oneself From ‘White Nationalist’ Groups At CPAC | TPMMuckraker


Although much of the attention is on the main stage at each year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, it’s the side events where the real kookiness occurs. These events can give CPAC organizers and attendees a headache as they try to walk the line between accepting certain groups under the umbrella of the conservative movement, but also trying to make it clear they don’t want to associate themselves with some of those groups’ more questionable qualities.

Take for instance a session on the dangers of multiculturalism, that included participants from the website VDARE, which has been labeled as a white nationalist hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Rep. Steve King was one of those who had to walk the fine line. When questioned about the Southern Poverty Law Center’s description of his fellow panelists he first reacted by going on the offensive. “I wouldn’t be sitting up on a panel with anyone from the Southern Poverty Law Center,” King told reporters. “I’m not in a position to judge people in the fashion they seem to be so free to do.”

However, King then danced a delicate series of mental pirouettes. He explained his respect for VDARE’s top dog, Peter Brimelow, while holding back from a full-on embrace. Brimelow, he said, was not someone he’d met before the panel, though he had read his books.

“I just remember I’ve read his books and I put his name in my memory, and I just remember that his rationale was a rationale that I could track and I’m glad we have his voice,” he said in response to a journalist’s question about the pair’s relationship.
Meanwhile, CPAC seemed to keep their distance, with a spokeswoman directing the Daily Caller’s Alex Pappas to the sponsoring organization for comment and pointing out that it wasn’t organized by the American Conservative Union.


Rep. King said he has read Brimelow’s books and his ratinale was something he could track (meaning follow), and he was glad they had his voice. So, Rep. King has white supremacy stuff on his bookshelf in the “favorites” category. Books. Plural. Books by a white supremacist, anti-Semitic, anti-Hispanic, anti-black, separatist, mouth-breathing bottom-feeder, and King, a member of Congress, LIKES it.

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