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Biting The Hand That Feeds You

Re: Texas Nationalist group rallies for secession in Austin | Politics | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle, By SOMMER INGRAM, ASSOCIATED PRESS, March 6, 2011, 8:13AM

AUSTIN — The Texas Nationalist Movement marked Texas Independence Day with a rally on Saturday at the Capitol urging Texans to save the state by seceding from the United States.

A small but enthusiastic group of Texans gathered on the steps of the Capitol, as an assortment of massive Texas flags blew above them in the chilly afternoon breeze.

Outrage was spread evenly toward Democrats and Republicans as leaders of the movement expressed their disgust for the growing national debt and the federal government’s treatment of Texas.

“Texas can take better care of itself than Washington,” said Lauren Savage, vice president of the movement. “We are here to raise interest in the Legislature of the possibility of secession to cure the ills of America.”

Members are demanding that state lawmakers introduce a bill that would allow Texans to vote on whether to declare independence.

Fed up with federal mandates, the burden of unsustainable taxes and disregarded votes, members say secession has been a long time coming.

Ahem! Listen up you guys, you actually benefit from the federal government! You guys get more money from them than you pay! This is from The Statesman:

Federal money has consistently made up about a third of the state’s budget for the past decade. The only major deviation from that trend is this year, and it stems from the $12 billion injection of stimulus money.

In the current budget, the $66 billion in federal aid includes money to provide health care to very low-income Texans, offer additional education services for children with disabilities, feed poor children during the school day, and build and maintain highways.

Without that federal contribution, Texas would have to use state tax dollars to pay for those services or not provide them.

A third of the Texas budget comes from the federal government, a large part of it is to maintain roads and parks. Seceding will cut what meager budget you have now down to nothing. Do you like your local transit authority? Try living without that and other services the fed money provides.

BTW, states can’t pass laws that are contrary to federal law. It’s in the constitution. Look it up.