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Tea Party Caucus Takes Shape In Senate, Sort of…

Re:  Tea Party Caucus Takes Shape In Senate, The Huffington Post, Elyse Siegel

Rand Paul Supporter-cum-goon Tim Proffitt stomps a woman's head
Rand Paul Supporter-cum-goon Tim Proffitt stomps a woman's head

A newly-launched Tea Party caucus in the U.S. Senate will hold its first meeting on January 27, Roll Call reports.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who announced the creation of the political affinity group last week, first spoke of the idea during the 2010 midterm campaign. Shortly after floating the concept, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) took it upon herself to introduce the idea into the U.S. House of Representatives.

Roll Call reports that Sens. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) will be members of the new caucus in the upper congressional chamber.

“Republicans in the Senate have already made a pledge to end earmarks and fight for a balanced-budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution,” said Paul in a joint statement released by his office, according to the Washington Post. “By joining with my fellow Senators, Jim DeMint of South Carolina and Mike Lee of Utah, as well as grassroots groups who see the need for government reform, the caucus will work to enact real change to protect our country and its taxpayers from an ever-expanding government.”

Three. Three guys, Paul, DeMint, and Lee, making some back-room pact does not a caucus make. But! The great thing here is that we may see some fragmentation in the Republican Party. Finally. I knew that they could not hold the wall together forever.

The first rift that jumps right out at you here is the statement: “Republicans in the Senate have already made a pledge to end earmarks and fight for a balanced-budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution,” said Paul…”

Not true. Republicans in the Senate are actually pretty closed lip on the subject. This means that the majority of them actually want earmarks to continue. In legal terms, silence is not acceptance. But, I’ll bet the business/corporate lobby/interests in the red states are screaming. Earmarks mean improvements to commerce. They know it, we all know it and welcome it, even those of us on the far left.

Well, I’ve just got to say, three cheers for Rand Paul! The more the Right Wing© divides, the better.


Huck Going To Sarah’s Crazy, Surreal, Make-Stuff-Up Turf

Re: Huck Going To Sarah’s Turf, Howard Fineman, | HuffPost Reporting

WASHINGTON — Move over Sarah Palin, the mythic land of Alaska is getting some attention from another would-be Republican contender…

…He’s starring in a weeklong “Christian-based” cruise along the Alaskan coast this summer…

Mike Huckabee

…”It took more time than I thought to work out all the details,” gospel-music promoter Frank Arnold wrote in announcing the trip, “but it definitely worth the wait.” “Not only is there an incredible lineup of Christian artists,” he said, “but our guest host for the entire cruise” is Huckabee.

Explaining the rationale for his “Paradise Tours and Travel” company, Arnold wrote:

“It’s no secret that The Church is getting attacked on a daily basis by the Secular Progressive Movement. And as Christians, we know that it has to happen for prophesy to be fulfilled. At Paradise Tours and Travel, our passion is to educate and empower God’s army against the onslaught of the Enemy.”

Huckabee announced the trip late Thursday night in a tweet to his Twitter followers. Calls and emails to Huckabee’s office and to his aides in Little Rock were not immediately returned.

So, the reason for Huck’s trip is to straighten out all us secular progressives who attack the church on a daily basis. I really don’t think it is the church that gets attacked on a daily basis, but people like Huck and this zealous crazy organizer. Since when is stuff like this trip responsible for the prophesies to come true? This kind of garbage vomited out of the mouth of a dumb-ass nobody, and then gets treated like a viable notion by the press, is what makes me want to pull out what little hair I have left.

Why can’t this nice cruise be about something positive, like brotherhood for instance, instead of being anti-left like the promoter advertised? Why is there always someone to blame? This bogey-man mentality is just another reason why I cannot fathom the existence of a god(s).

To this guy Arnold there can never be enough demons out there (in this case secular progressives) to sufficiently scare the christians into tithing more. Stay on your knees, folks! And by the way, keep the donations coming!


Want Some Real Relief?

Re: Rev. James Martin, S.J.: How To Find God: The Path of Belief, Rev. James Martin, S.J., Catholic priest and author, The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything

How do I find God?

That question marks the starting point for all seekers. But, surprisingly, many books on spirituality often downplay or ignore them. Some writers assume you already believe in God, that you have already found God or that God is already part of your life. But it is somewhat ridiculous not to address those questions when it comes to the spiritual life. It would be like writing a book about swimming without first talking about how to float…

(snip)…None of these six paths is free from dangers…

(snip)…There is a more subtle danger for this group…

Of course. There seems to be an everlasting and all-consuming fear with finding a god(s). ( I add the “s” because this pertains to my pagan friends as well.) Faith has to be as hard and guilt ridden as possible or it won’t work. Nothing you can do is right, therefore you are always on your knees praying. There is no time in your life where you are innocent; guilt keeps you going back to church. There is no thought in your brain that is pure and without “sin”. The tiny smidge of telepathic prowess that we might enjoy is also corrupt.


How do I find god? To say that a god is hateful, mean, or spiteful would be an admission that one exists – and it does not. So, I find god(s) nonexistent. Life is much more pleasant this way.