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A Second Look | The AP Is At It Again…

via Obama Wants New Cuts In Federal Health Spending.

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is seeking to help pay for his health care plan by sharply reducing the government’s medical spending, mainly by trimming payments to prescription drugmakers, hospitals and other care providers.

The article starts out great, but it only took about three or four short paragraphs for the Associated Press writers to veer away from the truth and take a right-wing license with the President’s plan to provide us al with health care.

In his weekly Internet and radio address Saturday, Obama proposed cutting $313 billion from the programs over 10 years. That’s in addition to the $635 billion “down payment” in tax increases and spending cuts in the health care system that he announced earlier.

The Associated Press has removed the words “revenue proposals” from the plan and replaced it with the words “tax increases”. This move not only warps the truth, but is more vitriolic gas on the fire. This is not just a “tomato, tomato” situation where you call it one thing and I call it another.

The President is proposing a roll-back of the value of some tax deductions for those who make over a quarter of a million per year. This is hardly “tax increases” in the sense that it affects the middle class.

From the Medicare Fact Sheet at the White House web site.

The President is committed to undertaking reform that is completely paid for and deficit neutral over the next decade. That is why he put forward in his FY 2010 Budget an historic $635 billion down payment on reform. Roughly half of this amount comes from revenue proposals, including limiting the value of itemized deductions for families making over a quarter-million dollars a year to the rates they were during the Reagan years, and about half comes from savings from Medicare and Medicaid.

At the end of the article, as usual, the Associated Press left us with the negative connotation, and outright lie, of  the “Obama is going to raise our taxes” meme.

The administration will work with Congress, he said. But the president’s earlier package of $635 billion in spending cuts and tax increases has gotten a cool reception from lawmakers, and there’s no indication the latest package will fare any better.

The fact is, Obama’s proposals are not “tax increases” that affect everyone across the board. The AP injected that idea without any explanation and therefore has lied.

Here is Obama’s weekly address