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A Second Look | Harsh Disappointment is Unfounded

via Think Progress » Obama Nominates Superfund Polluter Lawyer To Run DOJ Environment Division.

Ignacia S. Moreno

President Barack Obama has nominated a lawyer for the nation’s largest toxic polluters to run the enforcement of the nation’s environmental laws. On Tuesday, Obama “announced his intent to nominate” Ignacia S. Moreno to be Assistant Attorney General for the Environment and Natural Resources Division in the Department of Justice. Moreno, general counsel for that department during the Clinton administration, is now the corporate environmental counsel for General Electric, “America’s #1 Superfund Polluter”:

“Number five in the Fortune 500 with revenues of $89.3 billion and earnings of $8.2 billion in 1997, General Electric has been a leader in the effort to roll back the Superfund law and stave off any requirements for full cleanup and restoration of sites they helped create.”

This does not surprise me. I’m not saying that I’m unaffected by President Obama’s decision to hire this lawyer, what I’m saying is that the news is not unexpected considering Obama’s goals and his pragmatism. Others, though, are really bent out of shape about this, maybe needlessly. After all, she’s just getting her old job back with a promotion.

There are two things that I have talked about in the near past that seem to have gone right over everyone’s heads. The first one is the idea that Barack Obama is the Progressive Knight In Shining Armor.

Look. Firstly, we did not elect Dennis Kucinich. Barack Obama is a left-leaning centrist, much like Hillary Clinton – only she leans more to the right on foreign policy, and she leans more to the left on health care. So we would have been pretty much in the same boat if it had been her and not him. If you thought BHO was going to be a crusader, then you didn’t take time to read his stuff. Maybe you should have phone banked and doorbelled a little harder for Dennis.

Conversely, and secondly, we did not elect John McCain/Bush either. Could you imagine what this economic crises would look like under McCain/Bush? Jeesh! There would be tax cuts coming out of our asses. The buzz would be about how the Republicans finally get to shrink government so it can be flushed down the toilet, or however that thing went. When spending is the obvious solution, McCain/Bush would have cut and cut and cut. Obama is MILES to the left of that crew. Be thankful!

I have skimmed trough several of the comments to this article at Think Progress and many progressives there are comparing the hiring of Moreno to putting the wolf in charge of the wolves, or as Uncle Ho says:

Putting Mareno in charge of enforcing enviromental laws is like having Pol Pot in charge of enforcing civil rights.

He’s close. It’s more like appointing Pol Pot as chief advocate for prisoner abuse. Either way they are screwed. I plugged this in to show the malcontent out there with some of Obama’s decisions, but the malcontent seems to be more harsh than it would have been if the progressives hadn’t painted Obama’s canvass so blue.

If those out there, whom are so upset and then attack Obama from the left, would just remember that Obama has promoted bipartisanship and has attempted to blur the red v. blue line since the get-go, then they may not be spewing that It-feels-like-I-just-ate-a-cold-sh*t-sandwich attitude.

Remember the speech (paraphrased) “There’s not a Red America. There’s not a Blue America. There is the United States of America”  from 2004? If you guys had only listened a little closer…

P.S. He just nominated a REPUBLICAN Ambasador to China. Horrors.