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March 3rd, 2009:

A Second Look | Peter Daou: Why on Earth Are Democrats Legitimizing and Empowering Rush Limbaugh?

via Peter Daou: Why on Earth Are Democrats Legitimizing and Empowering Rush Limbaugh?

I don’t buy into this ‘brilliant’ strategy of elevating Rush Limbaugh in the hopes that it will tarnish Republicans.

Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin

(snip) There’s precious little benefit in making Limbaugh more of a central player, in engaging him directly from the White House podium, in raising his stature, in stamping, sealing and approving the years he’s spent bashing his political opponents.

(snip) Empowering Limbaugh in the hopes of a bank-shot against Republicans will yield the opposite result: Limbaugh will become more powerful, Republicans will relish his increased influence and allow him to do their dirty work.

Okay, okay, I get your point. Jeesh! This could have been summed up in one paragraph. You think the Dems screwed up when they simply repeated what the Republicans are saying about Rush Limbaugh headlining the CPAC. From Sam Stein at Huffington Post:

That Limbaugh would keynote the affair is a telling indication of just how lacking the GOP is for actual elected leadership. The radio host has never been one to claim he is an insider or party leader. But Republican officials often treat him as such, following his lead politically and going out their way to reiterate their respect for him and his audience. But Rush’s propensity for the controversial makes him a potentially toxic figure for any prime-time role, as public opinion polls show.

You think that the White House should have ranted about how polarizing and divisive Rush has been over the years, instead, and he should not be their chosen leader and they should pick someone else. Fair enough.

But who? Maybe the Dems should have come back with how all the Republicans at CPAC are off their rocker and Mit Romney is really the voice and life of the Republican Party. After all, he won the presidential preference straw poll they had there.

He even beat out Sarah Palin. Ooooh. Now there’s a good one. Maybe the Dems should have said that it’s not Rush, it’s Sarah!

What a circus! You can’t make this stuff up!

No, Mr. Daou, the Dems aren’t attempting to legitimize and empower Rush Limbaugh more so than he already is, they are simply pointing out the Republican party’s failures in finding a leader in the aftermath of the election, and Bush. The Democrats are pointing out their failures, not hoping for them.


A Second Look | Stock prices climb a day after after massive drop

via Stock prices climb a day after after massive drop.

NEW YORK — Wall Street bounced higher Tuesday after a massive sell-off and as the government announced details of a program designed to boost availability of credit.

The Federal Reserve said it plans to lend up to $200 billion initially to spur consumer and small business borrowing for autos, education, credit cards and other expenses. The central bank announced the plan late last year.

I think that now is the time to buy stocks, if you can afford it, if you have any savings left, or if you still have a job, or a home.

Stocks often rebound after heavy selling as bargain-hunters emerge to snap up pummeled stocks.

“It’s the rational side of the brain taking over,” said Jack A. Ablin, chief investment officer at Harris Private Bank.

We will come out of this. Give it some more time. Trust our new team in Washington……you’re getting sleeeeepy.

It’s hard to post about this. It’s similar to writing about foreclosure. What can you say to people? Folks have lost tons of money, trust me I know first hand. I sold all my mutual funds, except the wife’s IRA, back in Aug. 2008 and took a small loss – nothing compared to how much I would have lost if I had waited. The IRA has taken a huge hit, but I can’t pull it out. Sigh.

I am still hopeful. The central bank is working to free up credit. Get credit flowing again and the small businesses can borrow to make payroll, and payroll drives the economic train

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