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A Second Look | The Costs of Inaction


I felt obligated to pass on this email I received yesterday from the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services. The letter thanks me for signing their statement of support for health care reform. I am proud to do so, obviously, due to the sorry state that health care in America has become. What is striking is the activism coming from this government agency. What a breath of fresh air!

I can’t help but imagine how different things would be today had the election in November gone for McCain. This letter would have been worded much differently, if a letter in support of better health care had been sent at all. (I will never tire of reminding folks of how grateful they should be that Obama was elected.)

So go to and help us out. Read the letter and get active yourself! Health Care Reform is just 60 votes away.

U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services wrote:

The Costs of Inaction

From: U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services []
Sent: Monday, March 30, 2009 7:43 AM
To: Tom
Subject: The Costs of Inaction

Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting and signing the Statement of Support. By signing the Statement of Support you have joined thousands of Americans from communities across this country to call for the enactment of comprehensive health care reform this year.

The Department of Health and Human Services is releasing “The Costs of Inaction,” a new report on which underscores why health care reform is urgently needed this year. This report includes statistics that illustrate the challenges Americans are facing – from skyrocketing costs to the persistent gaps in health care quality. Read the report.

Please share this report with your family, friends and co-workers (it can be emailed or printed). We hope it will be a helpful tool as you talk with them about how the extraordinarily high cost of health care is hurting the ability of American families to balance their own budgets and the nation’s ability to balance its budget as well. Last month, President Obama told a joint session of Congress that “health care reform cannot wait, it must not wait, and it will not wait another year.” Thank you for supporting the effort to bring meaningful change to the health care system this year.

We must not let up on our efforts to reform the system. We hope that you continue to visit to seek information and learn about the important ways in which you can help.

In fact, Tuesday, March 31st, the new Director of the White House Office of Health Reform, Nancy-Ann DeParle, will travel to Greensboro, North Carolina, to take part in the fourth White House Regional Forum on Health Reform with North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue, starting at 10:30 am EST. You can watch it live and submit a question for the town hall discussion at

Check out the other three White House Regional Forums on Health Reform that have already taken place in Iowa, Vermont, and Michigan.

The President is committed to seeking your input as he works with Congress to enact health reform this year. To stay up to date on the health reform effort in the months ahead, visit

And enjoy this new report, “The Costs of Inaction.”

Thank you,

Jenny Backus
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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A Second Look | DSCC: Republicans Pulled A “Hit And Run With Our Economy”

via DSCC: Republicans Pulled A “Hit And Run With Our Economy”.

Touching all the spots still sensitive from the Bush years, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee launched a new online effort on Tuesday pinning the economic malaise squarely on the shoulders of the Republican Party.

Titled “They Broke It And Won’t Fix It,” the campaign is a clear reminder that the Democratic Party still sees political capital to gain from the previous administration. The accompanying video accuses Republicans of pulling a “hit and run with our economy” by following the policies of the George W. Bush.

It is a bout time someone set the blame for this mess where it belongs. It seems everyone has forgotten how we got here and only want to criticize Tim Geithner. It seems as though everyone has plenty of opinions on Obama and Geithner’s plan for recovery, but can only come up with the failures of the past as an alternative solution. The DSCC has done their part to affix the blame. Now it is time for the echo chamber we call the media to do the same.

The Republicans pulled a hit and run on our economy. Watch, then go to the Act Now! page in the header and sign the petition:


A Second Look | Obama Officials Think Krugman Is Naive: Newsweek’s Evan Thomas

via Obama Officials Think Krugman Is Naive: Newsweek’s Evan Thomas.

Newsweek’s Evan Thomas, who has the big cover story on the rather prickly relationship between the White House and Paul Krugman, offered a rather

Economist Paul Krugman

surprising insight into the relationship between the two.

Speaking to MSNBC on Monday, the longtime magazine scribe said that the Obama administration is not “too crazy about Krugman” (no surprise, considering how much criticism Krugman has laid on the White House’s economic policies) and that, in private, they “think he is naive.”

Krugman is smart. I wish he was smart enough to realize the difference between Barrack Obama and John McCain. Krugman is attacking Obama from the left saying that government spending isn’t enough and that certain “too big to fail” banks should be nationalized. I guess he thinks that the right doesn’t bitch enough.

But from conversations I’ve had [Sam Stein] with the administration, I’m not sure if it is entirely true. Krugman does levy some of the harshest critiques at the president’s policies — critiques that sting both because of who Krugman is and where (professionally and philosophically) he comes from. The White House, however, has consulted with him on many matters — though not all. Krugman, for his part, told Newsweek that “the White House has done very little by way of serious outreach.”

Moreover, officials in the executive office view him not as naïve but rather as someone who happens to come from “a different ideological perspective.”

True. If John McCain were in office he would dismiss Krugman as a looney liberal and a socialist and be done with him. At least Obama listens to him. Some.


P.S.  A.I.G. is not a bank. It is an insurance company. They insured TRILLIONS of dollars worth of toxic assets. They got in way over their heads.