A Second Look: Arianna Huffington: Bush’s Farewell Address: Still Delusional After All These Years

via Arianna Huffington: Bush’s Farewell Address: Still Delusional After All These Years.

Arianna Huffington
Arianna Huffington

Thursday night’s valedictory speech was quintessential Bush: delusional from beginning to end.

He made Afghanistan sound like a swell place to take a vacation when, in truth, only those with a death wish venture out these days without an armed convoy.

He lauded Iraq as “a friend of the United States” — without ever mentioning the fact that if Iraq has a BFF it is Iran, not America.

He said his Medicare prescription drug plan “is brining peace of mind to seniors.” Hardly. It’s been widely derided as a poorly conceived, chaotic mess.

How true! And a very expensive mess to boot. That was when the term “donut hole” came into our vernacular. I tried to say some of the things that Arianna has so eloquently spoken earlier in A Second Look: Bush’s Closing Argument: Was Anybody Listening? – Yahoo! News.

(I never pimp my own stuff, so this once won’t hurt.)

That speech was a re-write of the way things were. Can you hear the music?

Arianna goes on to say:

Another striking moment was watching the great pride the president took in saying that even though we might not have liked all of his decisions, we have to admit that he “was willing to make the tough decisions.” The Crawford Cowboy to the end.

Yes, he made tough decisions… but what is the value in that if the decisions you make are consistently wrong? And Bush has made the wrong decisions again and again and again.

But we have to remember that Congress was partnered with him in these crimes again and again and again.

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